Building a spread is typesetting. Where does each card (textblock) sit on the page in relation to the other cards (textblocks)? To where does the eye rove first? In what order is the reader encouraged to navigate the cards, and how is this supported by their positions within the layout? How is the overall construction of the poem on the page a visual layout? And how is a visual layout an arrangement of spread-out positionality? How do these positions (of words, of cards, of images) relate to the content placed within them? How does each content-in-position resonate with other content-in-position laid out within the same space? Building a spread is typesetting. Each position is designated an interpretive node. A spread establishes the number and order of textblocks for the poem. The textblock could feature a letter, word, line, stanza, image, sound, etc. A textblock is an interpretable unit.


Devised by angela rawlings

All-Seeing I Spread Single-card spread that provides a self overview. This spread attempts a direct response to the querant's post.


Devised by the collective subconscious

Past Present Future Spread This classic three-card spread developed from the collective subconscious aims to reveal information about the past, present, and future situations pertaining to a question's situation.


Devised by angela rawlings

In Situ Spread This spread came to angela in a dream.

The card placed in the central position reveals the situation, or what faces the reader at the heart of her question. Its shadow card shows what the reader needs to face in order to proceed through the situation. Placed in front of the situation card, the face card reflects how the reader presents the situation to others. The two cards in the upper positions indicate what will arise in the immediate future; the reader should be aware of, and possibly even beware of, these. The final card, placed horizontally in the spread's bottom row, reveals the reader's intuition, and her true inclination and answer as pertains to her question.


Devised by angela rawlings

Relationship Spread angela amalgamated this spread from favourite elements of other relationship spreads.

The five cards at the base of this spread aim to reveal a chronological arc for the relationship in question. The upper left-hand card represents how the reader sees the other within the relationship, while the upper left-hand card represents other the other sees the reader. The card between them reflects the quality, essence, and/or current educational scope of the relationship.